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Taboo Bluesteel GXXII
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PRODUCT TYPE: Stick Outdoor

POWER TO THE PEOPLE The innovative manufacturing process has created a combination of a super responsive touch and extreme power. EXTREME POWER Designed to provide the ultimate levels of power. The Taboo Bluesteel GXXII is the perfect choice for a...

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HIGHLIGHTS ROLL IT Dual wheel trolley designed to carry the load for you. Just roll it with style. HUNGRY FOR YOUR GEAR The ultimate hockey suitcase - pack it all: from sticks to umbrellas, from socks to jocks, from tablets...

Tour GXXI Black Edition
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PRODUCT TYPE: Stick Outdoor

The GXXI TOUR Series is a result of years of development to achieve the ultimate level of power and balance for a hockey stick. Designed with superior stiffness to bring the highest quality ball speed and a responsive touch for...

PC Knee Guard
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PRODUCT TYPE: Unclassified

Designed and shaped for Defensive Penalty Corners; Hard shell for optimal knee protection against the impact of a hockey stick or ball without compromising comfort and freedom of movement; A knee protector in a comfortable straight fit; Single Elastic Velcro closure...

PC Glove
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PRODUCT TYPE: Player Protective

Hand protectors for the Defensive Penalty Corner phase; Extra durability to protect your glove palms from the wear and tear caused by your hockey stick; Anatomical fit around the hand and gradually opening up towards the wrist and cuff.

Aero G8 - Electric
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Cushioned and flexible, the Aero G8 provides great comfort and optimal grip for mid-level hockey player. The lightweight nature of the shoe provides a natural feel when running while the forefoot flex assists with turning and sharp movements. The addition...