At GRYPHON, we celebrate the individuality of every person, recognising that each one possesses a distinct story and a unique approach to living and contributing to the love of hockey.

Our Ambassador program is tailored to elite players, emerging talents, dedicated coaches and our most loyal GRYPHON enthusiasts. Sharing our gear with passionate and forward-thinking players globally is our joy.

We love getting our gear into the hands of passionate and innovative players around the world. Likewise, all GRYPHON Ambassadors are expected to promote the brand in an excellent manner amongst their fellow players and to continually push the boundaries of their game.

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  • Sneak Peaks and early access to new products
  • Special prices on all gear available on our website
  • Tagged & mentioned on GRYPHON Social Media accounts
  • Chances to earn free gear by referring your mates
  • Exclusive access to Tutorial & International Players Tips & Tricks


  • Create your account, here
  • Only use GRYPHON hockey sticks
  • Promote the brand amongst your mate, family
  • Post content on website/blog & Social Media
  • Create content media content (photos & Video) featuring your GRYPHON gear
  • Keep us informed with your most recents hockey achievements


  • Earn your way a free Hockey stick by referring your mates
  • Top promoting Ambassadors will be offered free swag
Player holding GRYPHON Taboo Blue Steel GenXX

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